Black Leather Peplum Top & Olive Skinny Pants


If you hadn’t noticed, I have a thing for black leather. I bought this top a few years ago when the peplum trend was at its peak. This top makes me feel super sultry, hugging my curves.


These olive skinny pants are my favorite pair of pants. Like, ever. Okay, they’re a close second to my black faux leather motorcycle pants.


And who doesn’t love a great pair of t-strap platform heels. They sure make it interesting when trying to stay balanced on foot and a half wide former loading dock.


P.S. this metal shelf was SOOOO hot!

Zara black faux leather peplum top. Retail/Purchase Price: $49.90. Times Worn: 20. Cost Per Wear: $2.50

American Eagle Outfitters olive skinny pants. Retail Price: ??.Purchase Price: ??. Times Worn: 40.

Zara black suede t-strap platform heels. Retail/Purchase Price: $49.90. Times Worn: 50. Cost Per Wear: $1.00

H&M silver choker necklace. Retail/Purchase Price:  $15. Times Worn: 30. Cost Per Wear: $0.50.


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