March 2017 Beauty Buys


March was a little bit of a slower shopping month in the apparel department, but holy cow was it great in terms of beauty buys. Read on to see all the new arrivals!


Hourglass No. 3 All Over Eyes Brush $36 retail price, $28.80 with employee discount. A huge shoutout to my girl Claire at work for introducing me to the gloriousness of these brushes. These super soft bristled beauties pick up product without absorbing it. Hence you get all the product to use, not to wash off during your weekly brush cleaning sessions. This also makes it easier to switch between colors without having to use multiple brushes and blending is a breeze.


Hourglass No. 2 Foundation/Blush Brush $58 retail price, $46.40 with employee discount. This brush is another many-in-one workhorse. I use this for powder, bronzer, and blush with just a simple wipe on a tissue in between.


Hourglass No. 8 Large Concealer Brush $38 retail price, $30.40 with employee discount. If you saw the pictures of my discarded Benefit concealer brush from the February goodbyes post, you can attest to how desperately I needed an updated one. This one has not disappointed, covering both small and large concealing duties with ease.


And now a huge Burberry beauty haul. I was out of a few things, as you’ll see.



Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Foundation Base in Nude Radiance $48 retail price, $38.40 with employee discount. A primer that gives a beautiful dewy, but never greasy, look.


Burberry Fresh Glow Foundation in Ochre 20 $52 retail price, $41.60 with employee discount. I never understood people who said foundations felt heavy until I switched from my previous foundation to this one. Sheer to medium coverage allows skin to show through while covering what needs covering.


Burberry Catlash Mascara in Jet Black $29.50 retail, $23.60 with employee discount. Of all the mascaras I’ve tried, both drugstore and designer, this one is the by far the best. A gel-based formula that never clumps. For those looking for a defined look without a lot of color, try it in Midnight Blonde (a beautiful taupey color.)


Burberry Effortless Kohl Eyeliner in Jet Black, Chestnut Brown and Pale Grape, $30 each retail, $24 each with employee discount. A truly waterproof eyeliner for the waterline and/or tightline. I wear these all day and they do not move. Comes off easily with the Clinique eye makeup remover I purchased in February.


Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser for Combination/Oily Skin $26 retail price, $20.80 purchase price. This is my second tube of this cleanser. The scent reminds me of Zest soap from childhood and it leaves my face squeaky clean.

Clarins Water Purify One Step Cleanser $38 retail price, $30.40 purchase price. One of the women at the Clarins’ counter suggested this as an alternative to washing my face with water and a cleanser in the morning. I’ll try anything to speed up my morning routine. Stay tuned for a review and, of course, the cost per use.


Beautyblender Two.BB.Clean set $40 retail price, $29.99 purchase price with employee discount. I’m a little bit late to the beautyblender party, but better late than never. Especially when you can receive your employee discount on top of a 15 percent competitor price match at work. #score. The sponges are $20 individually, so you’re getting the cleanser for free in this set.


E.L.F. Daily Brush Cleaner $3 retail/purchase price. I spray my brushes down after each use with this spray and follow up with a deeper clean once a week with baby shampoo.

E.L.F. Matte Setting Spray $3 retail/purchase. Setting spray is something I thought might not be entirely necessary, so I decided to try a cheaper version before upgrading to something pricier.


Check back to see how these work out in terms of cost per wear and for March’s apparel buys!


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