Velvet Bomber Jacket & Silver Heels


As reported in my February buys’ post, this velvet bomber jacket looked like it would be a styling challenge. The lighting in my apartment made it looked much more blue than grey. I have a mostly black wardrobe due to work dress code, so I was looking for something grey to break up the darkness.


Now, I’m not completely against blending blue and black together in theory. But it just wasn’t what I had in mind. I am the kind of person who immediately wears something new as soon as I can. So when this jacket hung in my closet for almost three weeks prior to this shoot, I thought it was headed back. Also, this is something I purchased at the complete full retail price, without any sales or coupon codes. It’s pretty rare I would do this, meaning I really loved it.


As soon as I stepped outside in natural light and saw the grey tones were more pronounced, I breathed a sigh of relief. My mind went into overdrive on how I could work this into my wardrobe, other than this cute eyelet tee, skinny jeans, and strappy heels combo. These heels are also something that needs to be worked into my wardrobe more. I bought them for my sister’s wedding last year, and this is only the second time I’ve worn them. Stay tuned for more posts including these pieces!

American Eagle Outfitters velvet bomber jacket. Retail/Purchase Price: $59.95. Times Worn: 1. Cost Per Wear: $59.95.

American Eagle Outfitters Hi-Rise Skinny Jeans in Clean Wash. Here is the most similar pair available currently. Retail Price: $39.95. Purchase Price: $15.98. Times Worn: 100 (easy). Cost Per Wear: $0.16.

American Eagle Outfitters white eyelet tee. I don’t have any information about the price of this item, but I know I’ve worn it around 20 times.

Steve Madden heels. Retail/Purchase Price: $89.90. Times Worn: 2. Cost Per Wear: $44.95.

Coach aviators. Retail Price: $195. Purchase Price: $97.50. Times Worn: 300+. Cost Per Wear (at 300 times): $0.33.


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