Over the Knee Boots and Motorcycle Jacket

Shoot Location: My apartment building and Church of the Atonement, Edgewater, Chicago.


You know those days when you want to look put together without having to stand in front of your closet forever?

Answer: how I got this look. If I put on black jeans instead of these grey ones, I could walk out the door to work. Instead, I walked down to the lobby of my building and the church down the street for a photo shoot with my bestie.

Motorcycle jackets are everywhere these days, and mine is like my fashion security blanket. I just throw it on and instantly feel like I’m ready to face anything. It gives me just the right amount of swag to face whatever happens while I wear it.



Hoping the neighbors don’t judge me hanging out on this little ledge in the lobby.



Zara black faux leather motorcycle jacket. Retail/Purchase Price: $69.90. Times Worn: 50. Cost Per Wear: $1.40. Similar here.

American Eagle v-neck favorite tee. Retail Price: $19.95. Purchase Price: $14.96. Times Worn: 25. Cost Per Wear: $0.60.

J. Brand grey skinny jeans

Steve Madden ‘Emotions’ over the knee boots. Retail Price: $99. Purchase Price: $63.66. Times Worn: 5. Cost Per Wear: $12.73.


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