Cream Laser Cut Top & Black Skort

Shoot Location: All America Park, Quincy, IL.

I love all things leather. This cream faux leather laser cut top almost didn’t make the cut when I purged my closet of all things not black a few months ago. But I just couldn’t part with such a cute, versatile piece.

IMG_9373 (1).JPG

Speaking of cute, versatile pieces: let’s talk about this black faux leather skort. I was so excited that skorts were a thing again. It was a big throwback to my early elementary school days.

Also, these Coach aviators, aka the only pair of sunglasses I’ve worn for the last two years.

I’ve worn these Zara booties so much, I’ve had the toes and heel taps replaced twice. If anyone knows of a similar, closed toe style, let me know! I can’t repair these forever.




IMG_9386 (1).JPG

Zara cream faux leather laser cut top. Retail Price: $69.90; Purchase Price: $39.90. Times Worn: 10. Cost Per Wear:$3.99. Similar top here.

Zara black faux leather skort. Retail Price & Purchase Price: approximately $49.90. Times Worn: 15. Cost Per Wear: $3.33. Similar skort here.

Zara black suede ankle booties. Retail Price & Purchase Price: $69.90. Times Worn: 50+. Cost Per Wear at 50 Wears: $1.40.

Coach aviator sunglasses. Retail Price: $150. Purchase Price: $75. Times Worn: 300+. Cost Per Wear at 300 Wears: $0.25. (WHAT?! #costperwearallstar)


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