MAD Musings: What Price Constitutes Good Cost Per Wear?

It’s shocking how I didn’t think of this before. This space is all about getting the most out of your wardrobe, both wearability and financially.

At what price is cost per wear most valuable? Under $5? $1? All the way to zero?

If it’s down to an even $0.00, it’s harder than you think. For example, I’ve worn my favorite American Eagle black wash tomgirl jeans about 15 times. The current cost per wear is $2.50. Wearing them between 35 and 40 times decreases the cost per wear to around $1.00. In order to get them to $0.00, I would have to wear them over 1,200 times!

Wearing a pair of jeans over 1,200 times is a lot. Clothing takes a beating from wearing and washing. The cost of clothing depreciates just like a car does when you drive it off the lot. Now, an expensive item that would incur a high initial cost per wear, such as a classic style handbag, is worth the investment. It is something that, with proper care, can last for years and years.

So at what point do we consider things we’ve paid for to be of the best value? Til they fall apart and are not wearable anymore? A certain amount of time? A cost per wear? Til you fall out of love with it? For me, it is a combination of these.

Share your thoughts on what constitutes getting the most value out of your wardrobe. I’d love to hear from you!





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