MAD Outfit: Shirt Tails

Anyone remember the 80’s cartoon, The Shirt Tails?! While racking my brain for a clever title, I thought something like “Denim Shirtdress” or “Leather and Denim” seemed generic, yet effective. All of a sudden shirt tails popped into my head and that was it. I wore this outfit to Carrie Underwood’s Blown Away tour with Hunter Hayes. Great show with my mom, aunt and cousin! There was a hilarious moment unfortunately not captured on camera where I bent over asking my cousin if I could possibly wear this dress without tights and not have my behind hanging out. It felt a little shorter than expected when I tried it on, but I think it will be okay once temps inch back up in the spring.

Also this is the debut of my new Coach Legacy bag, the Rory tote. If you’re in the market for a new classic handbag with a twist, there’s nothing better than the Legacy collection right now. Lots of punchy colors for the holidays and great shapes and sizes too. Have a great week!

Shirtdress-American Eagle. Retail Price: $49.95. Purchase Price: $46.25. Times Worn: 1. Cost Per Wear; $46.25.

Belt-came with dress or skirt from Maurices.

Tights-George (Wal-Mart.) Retail Price: $5.97 per pair. Purchase Price: $5.97 per pair. Times Worn: 3. Cost Per Wear: $1.99.

Boots-Coach. Retail Price: $548. Purchase Price: $219.20. Times Worn: 51. Cost Per Wear: $4.30.

Handbag-Coach. Retail Price: $398. Purchase Price: $298.50. Times Worn: 20. Cost Per Wear: $14.93.



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