MAD Outfit: Summer Breeze

It’s mid-October here in the Midwest, so everyday is treated like the last nice day until spring arrives. I broke out this ruffled dress and shoe combination because I felt like being extra girly for the weather. When I originally saw this dress online, it looked more pink, but I was pleasantly surprised with the soft, baby peachy color upon arrival.

These shoes have a very funny story surrounding the first time I wore them in my first outfit post. While entering the church for a sorority sister’s wedding, I immediately stepped to my left to let the slew of other wedding patrons in behind me. And I stepped straight into a floor vent, leaving me wobbling all over the place, arms flailing and all. I had to pull my foot out of one shoe, turn around and yank it out of the vent, whilst muttering God damn it to myself. Obviously it wasn’t muttered quietly enough, as I got a very reproachful look from an older woman when I finally stood up straight.

And finally…introducing my assistant, Zoe Belle! It may have started with some reluctance, but this self portrait of the two of us turned out pretty well. Look for Zoe to accompany me on future posts! If you look closely, you can catch a glimpse of my Bing Bang for BaubleBar earrings.


Shoes-Elle (Kohl’s).

Sunglasses-Coach. Purchased with employee discount a few years ago.

Earrings: Bing Bang for BaubleBar. Retail & Purchase Price: $48. Times Worn: 10. Cost Per Wear: $4.80.

Nail Polish-OPI for Sephora in Nonfat Soy Half Caff.


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