MAD Finances: This Experiment Isn’t Going as Planned

Keeping this little financial experiment has proved to be much more time consuming than I planned. Well, not really time consuming but hard to fit into my jam packed scheduled. On top of that, my grandmother became ill in early February and eventually passed away on St. Patrick’s Day. So with going back and forth between the hospital and nursing home, plus work and volunteering with my sorority, this fell by the wayside. Majorly. So the month of April is going to serve as a reboot to the experiment. I have more time on weekends now to sit down and calculate things on a weekly basis rather than trying to figure out what’s been entered into the spreadsheet or not.

On a lighter note, my spring shopping is off to a swimming start. The first thing I purchased was new swimsuits (did you get the swimming start quip?!) I hadn’t replaced swimsuits in about three or four years so I figured it was time. I always find cute suits at Old Navy and this year didn’t let me down. The other purchase that had been weighing on my mind was a new white suit. I’m going to a sorority convention in June in Tucson, AZ, and need something white for the ritual ceremony. The Limited not only provided me with said suit but also with two new dresses to wear for summer weddings. American Eagle hasn’t let me down with their spring sweater options. Finally there’s a pair of tan suede ankle boots I purchased from Maurices which are perfect for this in-between weather we’ve been having. Again readers I’m sorry for the lack of pictures but a camera is still on the purchase list for the financial experiment.

More updates to come!


One comment

  1. I miss you a lot and I hope I get to see you soon! I love reading your blog and think about you guys often! Sorry I couldn’t come to town for Grandma A’s services. I love you!


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