MAD Finances: It’s Not Even a Week Into 2011 and I’m Already Down a Paycheck

Today’s mood tracker: depressed. As stated in the title, it’s Wednesday, January 5, and according to my handy-dandy spreadsheets, one of my hard earned paychecks has already vamonos-ed out the door. Like most people, I made the switch to online bill pay for credit cards within the last few years. For someone like me who forgets how many business day you should allow for the check to get there, this has been a lifesaver of late fees. I get the e-mail alert my monthly statement is ready and I immediately head over to schedule the payment so I don’t have to worry about it. I also keep track of it in the ultimate organizer of my life, my planner. On the day the payment is due, I write to whom it’s owed, how much and a check mark to indicate the payment has been scheduled.

I’ve got some of my payments scheduled and checked off in the planner, so I figured I could switch them over to the spreadsheet. Lo and behold, it shows I’ve already scheduled an entire paycheck worth just on bills. That hurts. But that’s what this little experiment is for: to show exactly where my dineros are going. Stay tuned for more updates!


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