MAD Musings Volume 3: Lost Buttons, Spring Jackets and Jelly Sandals

On the way to the office this brisk, sunny morning, I choose to wear my favorite gray Old Navy princess-cut trench I purchased a few years ago over an awesome sweatshirt material blazer I picked up from Maurices website a few months ago. When I arrived at the train station, I noticed several other women wearing puffer/down, wool and Columbia-style winter coats still. Now I dislike being cold just as much as the next person, but that’s what layering with spring jackets (aka the trench) is for.

My favorite options for layering include blazers and lightweight cardigans (American Eagle Outfitters always has summer, fall and winter cardigan options) under trenches or other light weight materials. Some women in Chicago will reach for the ever-present North Face jacket. I personally wouldn’t wear those jackets into the office, but I know a lot of young professional women do. I’m sure the professional dress code doesn’t technically extend to outerwear, but I think it pulls the whole professional look together having an actual coat or jacket. Leave the North Face for the after-work dog walk or Saturday afternoon errand running.

I had an unfortunate incident with said gray trench coat. My boss and I stepped out for lunch at Rockit Bar and Grill in the River North area of Chicago. When we returned to the office and I was removing my coat, I succeeded in removing the top button of my trench. Now I’m slightly embarrassed to admit this next thing: I have no idea how to sew a button back on. In my defense, it looks like I tore/ripped the button from the jacket, leaving a small hole that will probably have to be patched in some way before the button can be reattached. And if I can’t sew a button back on, I sure as hell can’t put a patch on. I’m going to look into sewing classes so I can learn the basics I think. Any suggestions in the Chicago area? Or any readers with enough patience to deal with a perfectionist who gets extremely irritated when she can’t understand how to do a new task within the first two attempts? 🙂

As my day turned into walking home from the train minus a button, which p.s. looked super weird, I saw a young woman wearing a pair of clear jelly sandals circa 1994. I know the clear look was back a few years ago because my younger sister purchased a pair as a joke. Growing up, my dad couldn’t stand those jelly sandals. My mom admittedly continued to purchase them because a) they were easy to throw on when we were on the run during the summer and b) because it aggravated my dad. It made me smile and made me think, “Hey everything really does come back around.” What items from your fashion past would you like to see come back? Mine include L.A. Gear high-tops and slap bracelets.


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