MAD About…Coach

So in the spirit of transparency, I have worked for Coach as a sales associate for the past two years.  I wasn’t all that familiar with Coach prior to that, as it was not sold in my hometown.  But let’s just say in the time since, I’ve more than made up for it.

Funny Coach related story: So my first Coach bag came into my possession in a weird, tragic way.  I lost an aunt unexpectedly a few years ago, and while my mom was helping my uncle go through her things, she came across a brown-leather bag she liked.  My uncle said to take it, and it found its way into my bedroom, which my mom was using for storage while I was away at college.  But since it was technically in my room, I figured it was up for grabs, not realizing it had belonged to my aunt.  So I took the bag back to school with me, and one night needed a larger bag to haul some adult beverages over to the fraternity house.  The next day, my friend Stefanie came in and saw the bag hanging on the end of my bed.  Now Stef is a jeans and T-shirt, no make-up, wash and go with a ponytail girl.  Almost the complete opposite of me.  She tells me it’s a Coach bag and my exact word response was, “Is that supposed to mean something?”  I  recently told my co-workers this and they laughed super hard!  Upon doing a little research, I discover the bag is a Legacy Hobo from 2001 (picture below).  Stefanie then freaks out about how it’s a great, nicely crafted, and somewhat expensive bag.  And I learned a lesson…

A great, nicely crafted, and somewhat expensive handbag is awesome.  My Coach collection swelled over the last two years to many handbags, several pairs of flats and boots, scarves, wallets and jewelry.  Not only is the product something to brag about, but so is the company itself.  The employee benefits are the best I’ve encountered in my four and a half years in the retail sales industry.

My recent obsessions from Coach include: the Sydney Metallic Leather Shoulder Flap at $798, the Flora sunglasses in black and brown at $148 each, the Kat sunglasses in white at $158 and the Tamara python heel at $228, all available at Coach’s website.  My most recent handbag purchase arrived a few weeks ago.  The Leather Dome Satchel in purple was something I fell in love with at first sight.  It’s great for all the stuff I lug around and a great purple color that doesn’t scream, “Hey look I’m carrying a purple handbag.”  I’ve been using it for about three weeks now and have received tons of compliments on it and lots of envy from my co-workers.  Picture below!

What are some of your favorite Coach bags?


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