MAD About…Akira’s Accessories

Anyone who lives in Chicago and is somewhat fashion conscious knows about the locally run boutique, Akira. There’s a post in every hip and hipsters neighborhood I can think of: Lakeview, Wicker Park, Gold Coast. Boasting both men’s and women’s fashions, as well as shoes for each, it offers a great place to shop for complete outfits, something I struggle with doing all the time.

I popped into the Lakeview store at Clark and Diversey this past weekend not looking for anything in particular. A friend of mine finds tons of stuff at Akira all the time. I find it hit or miss sometimes. This time was definitely a hit! I found oodles and oodles of dresses I wanted but were out of my budget, tons that were in my budget but I didn’t really need (yes I said it!), and lots of casual shirts (which I realized I was subconsciously looking for once I saw what ended up in the dressing room with me).

After trying on what felt like half the store, I settled on a loose fitting, dolman sleeved shirt (picture pending!) and wandered over to the accessories’ wall. Jackpot! I walked away with a necklace, two bracelets and a pair of earrings (again pictures pending!) My wrists are tiny, so unfortunately I can’t wear the traditional bangle. I try to stick to elastic bracelets and the two I found were great! I bought a silver and a gold one. The earrings were a gold leaf cutout and will be great with the more rustic, camping look that’s big for spring. The necklace, which I’m wearing as I write this, is silver, long and beautifully knotted. I’ll be wearing this necklace with everything I’m sure, including one of the three weddings I have next month. Again I’m sorry for no pictures, but hopefully I’ll be adding them to posts soon!

What’s your best Akira find?


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