A MAD Experience at Victoria’s Secret

Hello fellow stylish citizens! Sorry for the delay in postings, but being a fashion/style bloggers without a camera is quite a problem.  One which I hope to remedy soon.

Wedding season is upon us…pause for groan/excited squeal of glee all wrapped into one. I have three weddings during the month of May alone. In anticipation of said weddings, I picked out the dresses I would wear to each one and quickly figured out I required a particular new bra for one of them. One of the dresses is a racerback with a lower back. Wearing a regular bra as a racerback or halter would result in everyone seeing the back strap. So I set out to the Victoria’s Secret on Michigan Avenue to find something that would work. Which I did, but not without a slight snafu along the way. One of the bras I tried on was supposedly a full number size and full cup size bigger than what I normally wear. But I purchased the size I supposedly needed and headed to work. I tried my purchase on for my co-worker, K, who used to work at Vicky’s. She told me, which was already quite obvious to me, that the bra I had purchased was too big. I knew this already because I didn’t quite fill it out…All this for a bra I need for only one dress…oh boy…

That last statement was the understatement of the century. This whole post has been very difficult to write without sounding like a total pervert. And I consider taking a picture of me in the too big bra on my cameraphone, but quickly realized y’all don’t need to see that. Plus I don’t need pictures of my boobs on the Internet. That’s just weird…digressing…

I ran upstairs to the Victoria’s Secret at Water Tower Place and got the whole thing straightened out. I’ll post pictures of me in the dress, all dolled up from the wedding in about a month.

Another thing: I detest clear bra straps. They never move like you think they should and I think they look tacky. Thankfully in these more liberal times, if you see a bra strap it’s okay. I’d rather wear a strapless bra with a tank top if I have to rather than see those damn clear straps. In order to get the straps to move on a bra I was trying on, the bra fitter dosed it with hand sanitizer! One of my co-workers said her friend told her to lick them in order to move them. Sorry I’m not wearing anything I have to lick to get on…wow that sounds sooooo wrong. I’m outta here!

Any stories where you needed something specifically for one piece of clothing?


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