MAD Musings Volume 2: I Hate How Much I Love My F-Uggs and Love How Much I Hate Sneakers

So another round of random thoughts.

Living in Chicago takes a certain amount of gusto I believe.  We’ve got crooked politicians, long and fierce winters, and a transit system that needs a massive overhaul.  But in between all of that is a city that is always changing and always exciting.  Part of living in said winters is a good pair of boots.  They must be warm and keep feet dry.  Now I’ll say something many women will argue with: I hate Uggs.  I think they’re ugly and believe that’s how they got the name Uggs.  Now for those women who swear by their Uggs, I have to ask why one would pay over $100 for boots that you know are going to get wet and salt-stained?  And of course you can’t wear them all beat up like that!  So next winter you’ll dig out last year’s pair, cringe and head straight over to the Ugg store to pick out a new, clean pair.  Talk about Ugg!

When I moved to Chicago two and half years ago, my aunt sent me a gift card for Payless.  I pranced right over and purchased a pair of black suede zip-up Airwalk snow boots.  Thirty dollars and two brutal winters later, they went in the dumpster during a pre-move purge, having served their purpose well.  For the epic winter of 2009-2010, I couldn’t find a zip-up pair without faux fur on them.  No I’m not a girl who wears boots with the fur.  Or anything with fur, real or faux, really.  Digressing…  The only pair that fell into my meager budget was a pair of Airwalks that looked like Uggs at Payless.  And so they came home with me, much to my chagrine, having expressed to anyone who would listen my disdain for this style.  The seams around the heel rubbed me the wrong way, literally, forcing me to wear a pair of red fuzzy socks instead of normal socks.  But after all my moaning and groaning, I have to say this: they were, as everyone said, very comfortable.  My f-Uggs (the ‘f’ standing for fake now instead of freaking ugly, which they still are freaking ugly) will probably last me another winter and another pair of fuzzy socks, be them red or any other color.  Whenever it comes time for a different pair of winter boots, I will still look for my preferred zip-up, furless boots, but will settle for f-Uggs more readily if necessary.

So for the second half of the title of this posting: I also disdain sneakers.  Tennis shoes, sneakers, whatever you call them, should be reserved ONLY for athletic types of activity.  Today presented me with a shoe conundrum because it was sunny, yet cold, outside.  Not really f-Ugg weather, or Coach rainboot weather.  I pulled on my one pair of sneakers with a frown, feeling like I was breaking one of my personal fashion rules.  But I only needed to leave the apartment for milk and didn’t feel like changing into jeans and boots for such a simple act.  So the sneakers went on with my sweats ensemble and a brand new pair of Coach aviator sunglasses and out the door I went.

Several people have asked me about the not-so-obvious sneakers, like the more casual Pumas I see everyone and their dog wearing.  Nope not feeling it.  I will gladly wear flats or flip-flops in the summer, boots in the fall and winter, and of course heels whenever I damn well want to.  The one pair of sneakers I do own are New Balance and I think my grandmother bought them for me four years ago when the previous one pair I had owned for the four years before that finally needed replacing.  I wear them for simple errands around the neighborhood, never dreaming of wearing them downtown for any reason whatsoever.  I wear them the few times a year I work out.  I wore sneakers the greatest number of times the summers I worked as a bartender for a summer college baseball team that played in my hometown.  I could have worn flip-flops, but I don’t like my feet getting wet when the rest of me is dry.  Plus feet smell funny most of the time anyways, without smelling like beer.

Oh and never will I be seen in Crocs.  That should speak for itself.


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