MAD Wisdom: The I-need-something-to-wear-tonight conundrum

I spent this weekend in Milwaukee for my sorority sister’s birthday festivities.  Anytime I go somewhere a suitcase needs to be involved, I always end up overpacking.  It’s something I’ve tried to get over for some time now and I’m getting much, much better.  A simple weekend at home used to mean at least five outfits and seven or eight pairs of shoes.  After texting back and forth with my sister, she said she wanted to go shopping after she picked me up from the Megabus stop.  So I took two skinny jeans and cute shirt options, and two dresses.  Seriously that may be the best packing I’ve ever done.

Upon arrival in Milwaukee and doing a little happy dance with my sister, we headed to Bayshore Town Center in suburban Glendale, WI, to look around for something.  And this all too familiar conundrum hit: She wanted something new to wear for her special birthday, but found nothing.  I know this has hit me several different times.  If I need a new pair of black pants or shoes, I couldn’t find one to save my life.  The next time I’m not looking…bam! That’s all I can friggin find!

Now how I have decided to avoid this conundrum over the last few years is to buy things weeks, even months, in advance of when I’ll be wearing it.  Cousin’s wedding in May? Buy the dress on sale after Christmas and leave the tags on.  Vegas vacation in June? Buy swimsuits when they come out in December.  I honestly don’t condone buying things months in advance unless it is a bigger occasion such as a wedding or vacation.  End of season sales are a great place to stock up on things on the cheap.  A few weeks is no problem for the everyday occasions that fall on the same day every year.  If your own birthday or that of a very close friend is coming up that will require something new, start shopping around a few weeks ahead of time.  It takes the pressure off of finding that “perfect” item last minute.  Last minute I always end up with another little black dress, slinky shirt, or pair of big earrings that look like all the other LBDs, shirts and earrings I already have.  This of course leads to me only wearing it for the one occasion and it turns into a big loss of money.  Or better yet, have a clothing swap or closet raid with friends a few days before so you can mix and match your styles without breaking the budget at all!

What are your favorite last minute finds that turned into everyday staples?


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